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Willpower or visualization which will help you to realize your dreams.

Both willpower and visualization are powerful tools when trying to achieve your goals. Without willpower and only visualizing our goals, we have the risk of dreaming but never realizing. With infinite willpower we might be able to do what is necessary but without a clear goal we might get distracted and act to much on things in the short term. Running after the buzz of the day.

The necessity of willpower.

Willpower is a great thing, it is our willpower that drives change, that directs us to a better future. It is willpower that helps us to achieve what we have envisioned, the ones that dare and have the willpower to take the steps to realize their dreams are probably the ones that achieve them. Willpower is our driving force of change.

    The necessity of visualization.

    By knowing what you want you get a clear picture of your destination, this might change during the journey, but it helps to focus and deal with distractions. Visualization has all to do with vision, the ultimate goal to achieve. The big dot on the horizon.

    The question.

    But the question is what is more important and or stronger willpower or being able to visualize. Let look at this with an example imagine the following: I have a wooden plank 10 meters long able to carry you. I put the 10-meter plank on two blocks on a parking lot and ask if you would cross the plank for 500 euros. You probably would do so without any thought, easy money, right? But what if I told you to do the same only difference is that the plank is above a waterfall with steep pointy rocks in the water, 30-meters below you. If you fall you will not survive. This would make almost everybody question their willingness to cross the plank.

    The answer.

    Meaning visualizing this situation impacts your will power, it might limit your willingness and holds you back in this situation and many other situations in life.

    Hi, I am Menno.

    Hey there, I am Menno, and I am in search for a wealthy life.

    I share my story on my journey to a healthy life full of energy, a happy and fulfilled life full of passion and love and a financial abundant life where I can choose what I want to do without financial limitations.

    I share my story in the hope to help and inspire others to take action and live the life the truly dream off.