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The power of the morning.

How is your morning ritual? Do you wake up and start with deadlines? I need to eat, get the kids out of bed leave on time? That can be pretty stressful and unpleasant, starting your morning in a rush. I know you get in the habit, but with children these kinds of habits tend to become a struggle.

Old habits

For me, my morning a few years ago my average morning would look like the following. Wake-up get some breakfast, watch the news, shower, and leave, with some minor interactions along the way. This was my old habit; I cannot remember why it was this way it was what I was used to.

changing habits.

I decided these habits did not serve me, I would wake up sleepy and would mindlessly eat my breakfast, watch news that made me sad and would try to wake up in the car while driving. Which sometimes worked but sometimes I still was halve a sleep when I arrived at the office. I started with eliminating the news in the morning, making time to focus on my breakfast and notice what I was eating, instead of mindlessly look at the television.

Early morning

Next to stopping to watch the news in the morning, actually to watch the news on the television at all. I started waking up earlier then I used to. This gave me the time to do some activities that I before had no time for. Because I was on self-apposed deadlines to leave on time. I tried different things starting with the book the miracle morning. I noticed that for me moving is the most important thing in the morning, followed by reading.

New habits.

If I look at my habits now, I notice that I start my day in a totally different manner then I used to. I start by moving, this can consist out of a workout and a combination of movement and focus exercise, helping me to get me focused on my major goals. Next, I scribe some thoughts I have and if I feel like it, I do a meditation. I always end with reading a book, mostly about self-development or health.

To be honest.

To be honest there are only two things I do every morning I wake up early, that is moving and reading. These two give me energy and focus and make me start the day in a positive vibe. The rest is optional although I try to do most things each morning.

But being a dad means that even my early mornings get interrupted sometimes and the cry of a baby is something I tend to act upon in the early morning.

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