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Doelen bereiken

The power of speech and thoughts.

Not at the mercy of circumstance

In my search for fulfillment and happiness I always am open to try new things and one of the things that helped me improve my overall happiness and fulfillment is quite simple. I found out that the words we use in our speech and thoughts affect the way we feel. Like Joseph MCClendon III says:” Until we decide to take control of our own thought process we will be at the mercy of circumstance”

Just go back and think of a time we felt sick and tired, that moment when you wake up and you think NO! not today. You probably wake up thinking negative thoughts, use negative words to express yourself and noticing everything that goes wrong on the day. On the other hand, when we wake up on a day and we think YES! You probably already thinking quick full of excitement and use positive words to express yourself and noticing all the positive things happing on the day.

So, we all probably know the feeling and the emotions we have in these situations and can come up with an example or two of which words we use and thoughts we have on those days.

Change your psychology

What if I told you that our “psychology”, determines how we behave and what things we attract. For example, if we have a bad day we probably behave poorly and focus more on the negative elements of the day, we are surely to bump our those to that dammed table and find more things to complain about.

The thoughts we think influence the way we feel, the way we feel impact the things we do physically. The things we do physically will determine the things we do on a day, which in their time lead to the things we have and achieve.  You see a negative day might impact more that you might imagine.

By just adjusting the words you speak, the words you think you change your psychology which gives you a positive “vibration” leading to a focus on the positive things that happen to you and helping you to put the negative beside you.

Two different perspectives

To make it clearer we could look at the same situations form two different perspectives. One from a negative and one form a positive perspective. for example, we wake up, sight another day full of dreadful meetings that lead to nothing, going downstairs I bump my toes to that **** dammed table, I get my tea and breakfast and am off frustrating in the car because there is a traffic jam and look at the prick smiling in the car who does he think he is.

I do not think I have to continue to let you know how he will arrive at the office, probably his colleagues can see the thunderclouds when he exits his car and notice his negative energy entering the room.

If we look at the situation same situation form a more positive perspective, we might begin our day as following: Wow what a nice day, the kids are still a sleep, so I have a little time for myself. When going downstairs I bump my toes, oef that hurts how clumsy of me, ow thank you darling for making some breakfast and tea for me. let us listen to something inspiring in the car, which will make me smile. Hey, some traffic, that is nice that gives me time to finish this podcast.

I probably will be smiling the whole journey to all the strangers passing by, thinking it is just traffic no reason to be so frustrated about it.

I know you probably can feel the difference of the two situations. To be honest we all have those days where its just not right you start off on the wrong footing, but what I noticed is that when you come from a positive attitude and choose your thoughts and words with care you are able to cope with the negative far better than before.

From hard to challenge, an unexpected outcome

For me it started by switching one word which made the most difference for me. The word “hard” was one of those words that limited me and kept me from finishing. I would think wow that is hard to achieve or something similar, which made me give up before I started. I decided to change that word to something that made it seem possible and make it challenge me. Instead of saying to my self that is hard, I start saying that is challenging making me look for opportunities and possibilities instead of obstacles in my path, it made me more resourceful.

To conclude we all, have our limiting and negative words we frequently use this is fine. But we have the power to change these and by replacing those with words of possibility and positivity we change our energy, our psychology and on the long term the things we achieve and have in our lives. We stop living on the mercy of circumstance.

Hi, I am Menno.

Hey there, I am Menno, and I am in search for a wealthy life.

I share my story on my journey to a healthy life full of energy, a happy and fulfilled life full of passion and love and a financial abundant life where I can choose what I want to do without financial limitations.

I share my story in the hope to help and inspire others to take action and live the life the truly dream off.