Doelen bereiken

Nurture the mind.

During hectic days I sometimes forget to take a little break and just go and go and go. The result is that at the end of the day I am tired and drained from energy. This made me wonder is there a way to avoid this energy drain?

Take a moment to relax.

To answer my question we should understand that our brain can operate frequencies the higher the frequency the more “alert” or focused we are. The problem is that we in modern time we tend to do most of our activities in these high brain waves. To just give a brief example we work and use our computer and think of solutions etc, we are done with work and use our phone and maybe watch some television. These activities do not give us time let our brain process the day.  

    An active brain affects you sleep.

    Ever had a day that it seemed you count fall asleep, your mind kept racing and racing and the harder you tried the more awake you became. The chance is that you were doing something or experienced something that day and did not take the time to power off. You brain is at that moment still very active and if you did not took the time to slow down first chances are that your brain will keep running at full speed for a while. I see it as physical activity if you run and that stop and expect to go to sleep you probably will understand that it is going to take a while.

    The problem with falling asleep instant.

    The next thing is that when you lie down and fall a sleep instant, you just lay down and your gone. What probably happens in that moment is that you are so tired that you body and mind shutdown. This might seem nice but, probably you will wake up in the middle of the night. This is one of the symptoms that you are overusing your energy and potentially can lead to a burn-out.

    Relax for a moment

    I gave to examples of how your activities can impact your sleep, to illustrate you what can happen when you do not take time to slow down at the end of the day. This why it is important to slow down a bit before you go to bed. This does not mean you have to meditate for an hour before you go to bed, but it might help after a stressful day. What I mean to say is that you should take the time to focus on yourself. A simple one is not taking the phone with you to the toilet, just focus on your breathing for a few minutes before you go to bed or doing some yoga exercises at the end of the day.

    By building little moments into your day you give yourself the change to recharge a bit, which can have an impact in the way you sleep.

    Hi, I am Menno.

    Hey there, I am Menno, and I am in search for a wealthy life.

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