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Fueling your energy levels.

Food is not energy but is your fuel. What you eat, think, do fuels your energy levels. So how continues are you with fueling your energy levels.

The right fuel.

So if food is fuel what is energy? To look at this I would like to take a look at the concept of a car. A car uses fuel to produce energy to move. Important is that you give the car the right fuel. An electric car won’t run on gasoline and needs a charged battery instead. The same counts for you.

    Sugar & caffeine.

    The quality of the food you eat impacts the energy during the day. Sugar is a great energy booster for the short period the same counts for caffeine.  You get a short energy peak but after that runs our your back where you started, or you even have lower levels of energy. You could start to eat sugar or caffeine again, but these will not give you a constant level of energy.

    Quality fuel.

    To get a constant level of energy we should eat a balanced plate and avoid refined and caffeinated foods. It is important to understand that some foods like sugary foods give a short boost of energy but won’t give you sustainable energy during the day. To gain sustainable energy eat whole food products and fruits and vegetables.

    Other fuels.

    Next to food, you can also see your emotions and movement as fuel. A great example of this that I like to use is: after a day of working you might feel tired, but after you have gone to the gym you feel full of energy. You gained energy by movement.

    To conclude.

    Be aware how you fuel yourself, the food you eat, the emotions you experience and the movements you due help you gain or lose energy.

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