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Wealth = Health + Fullfillment & Happiness + Financial abundance

The journey in search of Wealth

I have awaken, searching for wealth and the riches it will bring to my life. 

My search for wealth (Health, Fulfillment & Happiness, Financial abundance) started when we where on holiday in Puglia Italy. It was June 2019 and we had our eldest son who was one and a half with us. It was the start of a heat wave with temperatures well over 30 degrees Celsius.  My life was just fine, good job, nice house, nice car, the start of a nice family. But some where between all that nice I lost my thunder. So my journey began in search of wealth to reigniting the thunder.



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The power of the the morning 

Start the morning with the intention you want for the rest of the day.

The beginning of the day is the moment which gives you direction for the rest of the day. That is why I suggest to start your day full of power. Nurture your body and mind in such away you can enjoy a positive and energetic feeling all day.

So I am still searching for the perfect morning ritual and probably will tweak my ritual the rest of my life to fit the needs of that moment. But in general my morning start with exercising, training positive mindset, focusing my energy on the things I want to achieve, writing down the things that are on my mind, a moment of peace and gratitude. 

To really kick start my day I create a nutritious breakfast, so I can handle everything the day brings me and at the end of the day still have enough energy to spend quality time with me family. 


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My journey to wealth is on its way.  Although my journey has just begun, I know that it will bring me to extraordinary places, let me meet amazing people and find purpose in the things I do.

Want to join me on my journey, check out my PODCAST or VLOG.



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Are you drained as a parent?!

Are you drained as a parent?!

Having kids disrupts your old routines, your old habits. Things you might have done for years and years now feel like dragging you down, are not motivating you anymore. The interrupted nights early mornings and constant demand for attention, don’t help in this area as well. Sound familiar?

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Enjoy the journey

If you don’t enjoy the journey, why should you leave in the first place ?

In the rush of the day, I sometimes found myself only waking up out the rush on the moments that it was time to leave. The rest of the day just seem to happen, just when I started to stop in between from time to time I noticed I could really enjoy what I have accomplished and look forward to the next step in my journey.

One of the most important lessons I learned was to enjoy the little things, just by smiling and remember why you’re doing the things you do.

The search of Wealth

A wealthy life is more than the riches of money, a wealthy life is a life liven with great health, fulfillment & happiness and this all in financial abundance.

Start and enjoy your journey to wealth