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3 types of energy

Ever had a day that you thought I am so tired, and you went to the gym or started an exercise and afterwards you felt full of energy?
You experienced an emotional and or mental energy drain, your physical body still had all the energy it needed to get you going, but you emotional or mental energy was drained for that day. You needed a reset or recharge to get you going again.

Mental, emotional & physical energy

Just to high light the types of energy:

  • mental energy focusses on our ideas and thinking and fuels our internal processing of your mind.
  • emotional energy feeds our state of being, its fuels our feelings positive or negative.
  • physical energy powers all our movements and physical exercises

Energy drainers.

Each of these areas can cause energy drain or make your energy levels surge and make you feel unstoppable. To give some examples if you drain your mental energy levels by attending meetings and being involved in discussion which to you seem fruitless, you probably feel tired at the end of the day. The same counts for having an emotional event, if you get angry and frustrated all day you probably feel tired at the end of the day and are not willing to undertake anything anymore.

Energy gainers

Therefore we should avoid energy drainers and focus on our energy gainers. The things that seem to fly by, the things that make us feel on top of the word. We all know those days that we go to bed late sleep to little, but still are bursting from energy. On these days you probably are undertaking something you are looking forward to.  For me the best energy gainers are, listing to music and really let myself go and dance like crazy to the music, working concentrated on a piece of work or something as simple as have diner with a good friend of mine. The moments you feel connected and loved by others.

3 tips to gain more energy

Take off time,
Make sure that you clear your head once in a while and stop draining you mental energy 24/7. You know you should power down more when you are in bed and your mind still is going crazy.

Focus on the positive things

Knowing the impact of our state or emotional energy onto how we behave, we should try to keep a positive and or growth mindset and make sure we focus on the little things that went good and stop magnifying the things that went wrong.

Little burst of energy.

If you have been sitting for a while just do a quick little exercise this can be some stretching or jumping up and down, just what fits you best. This will help you keep focused.

Bonus tip

If like me you have to many meetings during a day, try to cut them to 55 minutes this leaves you with some preparation time and time to recharge your energy levels.

Hi, I am Menno.

Hey there, I am Menno, and I am in search for a wealthy life.

I share my story on my journey to a healthy life full of energy, a happy and fulfilled life full of passion and love and a financial abundant life where I can choose what I want to do without financial limitations.

I share my story in the hope to help and inspire others to take action and live the life the truly dream off.